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Do cats eat tomatoes? Is it useful?

At first, your cat may refuse to eat. However, the hunger should pass after a few days, and you should notice an improvement in your cat’s appetite for dry food.

They will realize that their dry food is all they will get, so it is better to eat it than to starve.

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  1. Dehydration

It is also possible that your cat has stopped eating dry food but is still eating sweets because she is dehydrated. This is especially likely if they eat wet food without complaint but are very selective when it comes to dry food.

Dry food is good…dry! This means that if your cat is thirsty, eating dry food can be difficult and result in extreme thirst. While they can’t say no to the treatment, a full bowl of dry cat food will probably stop them.

Ensure that your cat always has fresh water available to drink, and that the water in her bowl is replenished at least once a day. If your cat is picky about drinking, the cat water fountain may encourage her to drink more; Cats prefer water flowing over stagnant water.

You can try mixing some water with their dry food to see if that will encourage them to eat more of it.

This will help them consume more fluids while making them fuller and is a great hack to reduce the appetite of overweight cats who have eaten a lot of food! You can also combine some of their dry food with some of their wet food.

Dehydration may also be the reason your cat stops eating during the hot summer months. Cats are more likely to become dehydrated when the temperature outside is high.

Furthermore, hot weather may dampen your cat’s appetite for a heavy meal, just as we might prefer a light salad to a heavy roast dinner on a hot summer day.

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The cat stops eating wet food but eats candy

The reasons responsible for cats not eating wet food but eating tasty foods are:-

  1. There is no fixed routine

Your cat may have stopped eating wet food because there is no consistent feeding regime.

For them, this is uncomfortable, and they rely on a consistent pattern to eat happily.

In fact, sticking to a feeding schedule is a great way to avoid picky eaters.

If you often leave wet food for your cat to feed on during the day, the first thing you should do is stop doing it.

Instead, stick to a feeding schedule and provide meals at set intervals throughout the day.

Clean out the bowl and toss whatever is left in the litter after leaving your cat’s food outside for about 30 minutes.

This will help your cat recognize when they are allowed to eat and will encourage them to become less picky.

At a minimum, your feeding schedule should include at least two meals a day, separated by 12 hours.

On the other hand, some owners prefer to divide food into five or six small meals, which may help slow down eating and relieve indigestion.