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Information about the Maine Coon cat, the largest type of domestic cat

Information about the Maine Coon cat, the largest type of domestic cat

The Maine Coon has won the hearts of people all over the world with its charm, personality, and intelligence, and the Maine Coon is a giant cat species, and this breed is considered the largest type of cat in the world. This breed is one of the most popular types of cats in the world.

Maine Coon cat breed history:
History of a Maine Coon cat

The last breed of the Maine Coon cat breed ended with mystery and mysteries, and there were only many guesses and folk tales from generation to generation, and one of the legends dates back to the time when Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, was trying to escape just before her death on the Samuel Kluge ship in 1793.

On board the ship were some valuable possessions, which included 6 Turkish Angolan cats, one of the possessions of Queen Marie Antoinette. This led to a new breed that is known today as the Maine Coon cat breed.

One of the most interesting stories is that the Maine Coon cat comes from a crossbreed of a wild breed of semi-wild domestic cat with a raccoon, and the evidence for this is that the Maine Coon’s color and tail is very similar to the raccoon.

Another story refers to Captain Charles Coon, an English sailor, who was accompanied by long-haired cats on board his ship. They are called Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coon cat traits:
Maine Coon cat traits

The Maine Coon cat may weigh from (6-11) kg, and the female weighs from (4-7) kg, and the height of the Maine Coon cat at the shoulders is from (25-41) cm, and the length of the Maine Coon cat may reach 120 cm ( 47 inches), the tail may reach about 35 cm (14 inches), and the Maine Coon cat reaches sexual maturity very late in life, when the cat reaches 3-5 years of age (the majority of cats fully develop when It is a year old), and a cat can live from (10-12) years.

The fur of the Maine Coon cat has long or semi-long fine hair, and its texture depends on its color. The shorter hair is found on the head and shoulders, while the longer hair grows on the abdomen, sides, and neck. The fur does not require constant cleaning. It is able to maintain itself thanks to its thick, water-resistant coat. The fur changes during the seasons of the year. It is thicker during the winter and thinner during the summer.

The Maine Coon cat can have the exact same colors as the domestic cat, however, in most types of the Maine Coon cat breed, the cat is brown-striped, and the cat has some physical modifications that enable it to survive in the winter climate, the fur is thick and waterproof, and the tail The thicker does not dive in the snow and is used as an insulator for the face and paws from frost and wind, and the cat can sit on it to prevent the back of the body from the impact of frost, and the wide paws of the feet work as snowshoes.

Maine Coon cat temperament:

Maine Coon cat behavior

The Maine Coon cat is one of the very smart cats, which makes it a good companion for humans, and although the Maine Coon cat is loyal to the family, it is not friendly and far from strangers, and it is not one of the types of cats that often stays in the lap of its owner, and he loves to accompany other cats Dogs and kids, the Maine Coon cat is really strong and loves to play, especially males, and both males and females bond strongly with their owners.

The Maine Coon is a very noisy cat, known for its screaming, howling, chirping and other loud sounds.

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