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Why does my cat only eat candy? And nothing else?

The majority of cat owners are not interested in the feeding habits of their cats. On the other hand, some cats are only interested in certain types of food, such as candy.

When cats refuse to eat or just eat, it can be a nightmare for cat owners. Veterinarians or pet professionals do not recommend treating your cat with more than 10 to 15 calories per day.

So why doesn’t your cat eat the food but just treat it?

The most common reason why your cat won’t eat but only treat it is because something in its environment has changed.

This article will talk about all the reasons why your cat refuses to eat and only eats and how you can fix it.
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The cat stops eating dry food but eats candy

The reasons responsible for cats not eating dry foods but eating delicious foods are:-

  1. Change in the environment

As mentioned earlier, changes in your cat’s environment may be all that is needed to turn your cat into a picky eater.

This is especially true of domestic cats, which are accustomed to the delicate pleasures of life and have not adapted well to change.

Start by looking around and noticing any changes.

Have you progressed from watching your cat eat to letting it eat on its own?

Did you reduce the frequency of cleaning the bowl? Any slight change can cause your cat to stop eating dry food.

Return to old habits as often as possible, such as if you stop washing the food bowl frequently, and see if it improves your cat’s nutrition.

You may not have realized that you left things like this chip on, and by resuming your usual routine, your cat will be eating happily again.

If the change is irreversible, such as getting a new pet, try to establish a new, consistent routine to help your cat regain its comfort and resume normal eating.

It may take some time for your cat to adjust, but once she realizes that these changes are not a threat to her, she should regain her appetite.

  1. Overdose treatment

Another common reason why your cat wants tasty foods and refuses to eat dry food is that you were too generous with the foods you gave them in the first place.

Since your cat doesn’t eat much, you tempt her with treats, causing her to eat less. As a result, the cycle continues.

On the other hand, cats are cunning creatures, and they will quickly realize that if they don’t eat their dinner, they will be rewarded with a delicious treat.

This can lead to a selective attitude toward food over time, as well as an increased risk of many health conditions, such as obesity.

Furthermore, tasty foods are low in nutrients when compared to kibble and will not provide a complete diet if eaten on their own.

If this describes your situation, instead of rewarding your cat for refusing to eat her dry food, you should reinforce good behavior. Stop giving cats treats and only feed them at regular intervals throughout the day.